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Dave McGary - 1958-2013
Dave McGary (1958-2013)
What sets the sculptures of Dave McGary apart from others is spirit. He created incredibly lifelike bronze beings—and there is spirit for those who touch and see them. One collector said it best, "One does not simply purchase and own a Dave McGary sculpture. You and the sculpture live together.

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Creating Monumental Dreams

Free Spirits At Noisy Water, Monument in Ruidoso, NM

Free Spirits At Noisy Water

For Dave McGary (1958-2013), creating monumental dreams was a monumental passion. Creating large footsteps in bronze was a soothing thought—Footprints for the general public to touch and feel and be emotionally attached to.

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"How would you like to be remembered?"

In a 2011 article in Southwest Art Magazine, Dave was asked, "How would you like to be remembered?"

"For having documented, with respect, the culture of Native American people. For being innovative and establishing my own techniques and style of work. I hope I have changed the way people look at bronze sculpture. For showing that there really are no limits in what is possible in bronze, that we can capture an amazing amount of detail and depth of color for another level of realism."

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Premiering new masterwork by Dave McGary!

"Trophy Hunters"

Eastern Woodland Series

Trophy Hunters by Dave McGary"Trophy Hunters" announces a new chapter by acclaimed Master of Realism Dave McGary in depicting American Indians and the First Nations people of Canada. In this series McGary turns for a second time to the Woodland Tribes of the American Northeast and Southern Quebec, tribes whose rich histories include the critical roles they played in those regions during the mid-18th century. Only McGary’s important piece "Emergence of the Chief" has portrayed the tribes of this region, who differ greatly – from their customs to their manner of dress — from American’s Southwestern tribes and those of the Upper Plains, the Upper Midwest and the Mountain regions.

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McGary Studios - Expressions In Bronze GalleryDave McGary (1958-2013), a legend among contemporary artists of the American West, was considered the Master of Realism depicting Native American Indians and his many awards during the past decade more than verify his popularity among collectors and fellow artists. His ability to capture the human spirit knows no equal, and his attention to detail in form and historic content are exhilarating.

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'Battle Of Two Hearts' Monument

In 2005, a 24 ft statue was unveiled at the University of Wyoming. This highly visible statue, by Cody sculptor Dave McGary, will grace the campus for generations to come. Wyoming Signatures' Ben Froidevaux spoke to the artist and descendants of Chief Washakie.